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Air Rifles And Accessories

Creedmoor Sports features a variety of air guns and air gun accessories.

Creedmoor’s selection of air guns includes:

Benjamin® Discovery Air Rifles & High Pressure Pumps – Highly accurate and easy to use air rifles require no pumping and no concern for the outdoor temperature. Shoot the air rifle until the air rifle needs to be refilled.

Benjamin® Marauder Air Rifles - This powerful new PCP air rifle offers all the air rifle features needed for field target shooting and small game hunting. 

Crosman Challenger PCP Air Rifles – These air guns are excellent great air guns for competition shooting. Challenger PCP air rifles are easy to use for everyone and ideal for any competitive shooting event.

Creedmoor sells air pistols designed for optimal accuracy including:

Crosman 2300 T air pistol – This competition style air pistol is designed for clubs and organizations that teach air pistol shooting. The Crosman 2300 T air pistol is an air pistol perfect for both beginning and advanced air pistol shooters.

Benjamin® Marauder PCP Air Pistol – Marauder PCP air pistols are ultra-quiet, highly accurate air pistols perfect for hunting.

Need air gun accessories? Creedmoor has air rifle targets, air rifle cleaning kits, air gun pumps, air rifle pellets, CO2 fill adapters for air guns, PCP air rifle scuba yokes and more. Creedmoor even sells a portable air gun range so you can take your air gun training on the road.  

Air Rifles
Air Rifles


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Crosman Red Flight Penetrators (.22)

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