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Portable Air Gun Range


Portable Air Gun Range
The only Air Rifle/Pistol Target System ever tested and approved by the military. This system is used by more than 750 JROTC programs nationwide.



This patented innovative system allows individuals or teams to quickly create a safe air gun marksmanship training environment in virtually any open space.  




  • Each backstop is 83" tall and 60" wide  
  • Velcro edging allows multiple curtains to be joined together making it possible to create a range of any desired width
  • Target poles may be placed anywhere along the curtain, giving you the ability to vary the width of each firing point
  • Frame and backstop fit neatly into included padded carry bag, 34"x 8"x 10", with padded dividers for individual parts
  • Perfect for either marksmanship training or competitions
  • Designed to be assembled or disassembled in minutes by a single individual
  • Constructed of heavy duty square steel tubing
  • Individual parts marked for easy identification and construction
  • Curtain made from high density ballistic nylon able to withstand multiple impacts, fired at a single 1/4" point, from pellets with a muzzle velocity of up to 600 fps.
  • Integrated target support system allows for the attachment of up to three double target boxes on a single pole with attachment pins placed at specified heights for prone, kneeling, and standing in accordance with three position rule book
  • Target box is designed for easy emptying of spent pellets
  • Provides 100% pellet containment for any pellet passing through the paper target.   No more pellets scattered around on the floor after shooting
  • Cardboard divider within target box keeps spent pellets away from back of target paper making target changing neat and clean.   An abrasion resistant steel impact plate with a Brinnel hardness rating of 450 ensures complete absorption of impact with no dimpling effect.   A plate which dimples or dents will eventually cause ricochets, which is common place for systems using cold-rolled steel impact plates.   Our plate exceeds the Marine Corps Range Safety Officer requirement of a Brinnel rating of 360/400




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Portable Air Gun Range

Portable Air Gun Range

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Single Portable Air Gun Range

Single Portable Air Gun Range

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