"It's the Ammunition you would make if you had the time."

-Dennis DeMille, General Manager and multi-year national rifle champion

Such is the tag line to Creedmoor's full-on commitment to making the most accurate ammo, bar none.

From DeMille: "We start with very high quality components from companies like Lapua, Nosler, General Dynamics, Lake City, Hodgdon and Saint Marks. We use components other companies won't use because of the cost of those components. Selling to customers directly rather than through distributors gives us that ability. The other thing that sets us apart is quality control. Every morning before production begins on any caliber, the first 10 rds to come off each machine is tested for chamber pressure, muzzle velocity, extreme spread, standard deviation and concentricity using our own test room located just a few yards from our loading machines. We also stop and retest every time we pop the lid on a new keg of powder, or start using a new lot of any of the components. Every round is hand inspected prior to packaging and shipping. I'm confident that what we deliver to our customer is superior in every way. If I wouldn't shoot it at the nationals I wouldn't sell it to you."