.308 Winchester Wilson Chamber Type Bullet Seater

$ 62.95

.308 Winchester Wilson Chamber Type Bullet Seater 

The Wilson Chamber Type Bullet Seater is precision machined from a solid bar of high-grade steel and is undoubtedly the most consistent and precise bullet seater on the market. Wilson has been making inline seaters for decades now and have honed their skills to an art. These dies are used primarily in arbor style presses. These seaters have only one moving part during the seating operation. The case and bullet are captured in a chamber similar to your rifle’s chamber and the seater stem is pushed straight down to seat the bullet. Everything is already aligned and the fit of seater stem to the seater body is so tight that you can create a vacuum. It’s machined that precise!

The seating stem is easily adjustable for seating depth. Includes a seater base to elevate the round above the arbor press plate ensuring the primer does not rest against a solid surface. These benchrest quality dies have been used by benchrest shooters for over 4 generations and in the last two decades have been adopted for use in other precise sports such as F-Class, Fullbore, High Power, PRS and other accuracy demanding shooting venues.


  • One Wilson Chamber Style Inline Bullet Seater
  • Seater base to elevate primer above arbor press plate
  • Complete instructions


  • Chamber cavity mimics your rifle’s chamber making sure the case and bullet are aligned before the seating operation begins.
  • Seating stem and bore hole (guide hole) are machined with extremely tight tolerances making for an almost perfect fit and alignment with the bullet being seated
  • Easy to adjust seating depth
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Tech Tips:

  • When adjusting seating depth with this version of the Wilson Seating die, you can pull the cap and stem and measure the height with calipers before adjusting and then measure again after adjusting to determine the amount of seating depth change you made.
  • Periodically clean die with a patch wrapped around an appropriate sized nylon or bronze brush or pencil/eraser