.223 AR-15 Krieger Barrel

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True match grade barrels manufactured to the same exacting standards as all Krieger barrels. Single-point, cut-rifled, hand lapped. Gas port is drilled into a groove.

*chambered in .223 Wylde Size .090

*Heavy H-Bar DCM contour

*20" Length

*Stainless Steel

*1-7-7" twist good for bullet weights 69-80 grain

Barrel LIfe depends on a lot of factors. Dennis is doing factory loads and 2,700 rounds through his.

Stainless Steel
DCM Contour & Type
Breech diameter = 1
Blank length = 21
Finsh length = 20
Bore .218
Groove .224
Twist 7.7
Number of Grooves 4

The barrels that Krieger Barrels ships to you do not come with a headspaced bolt. As long as the customer is using a mil spec parkerized bolt, we guarantee headspace. If a hard chromed, TiN coated, or otherwise NOT mil spec bolt is used, headspace may have to be adjusted by a qualified gunsmith.

No flat spots.