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Complete 5/8" Polecat Stand


  • Zero play (slop), giving you the ability to quickly and easily make adjustments
  • Pre-tensioned adjustable horizontal and vertical movement
  • One-handed operation/adjustment
  • For use by left or right handed shooters
  • Scope may be positioned above or below the scope head
  • All parts are machined from solid aluminum, Delrin, and stainless steel for the highest possible quality and durability
  • 5 1/2" standoff from center of stand to center of scope
  • Includes stop collar to keep scope from inadvertently slamming into the ground
  • Includes two allen wrenches for adjustment
  • Made in the USA

    Includes head, stop collar, one extension rod and base.

    Rods made from steel. The 5/8 polecat does not include the adjustment screws like the 1" rod.


    Click Here for Instructions

    Colors may vary

    The video used to demonstrate the Polecat shows a 1" stand.


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