1761HB G28 PRS MDT XRS Chassis Kal 22LR 544mm

$ 2,595.00

1761HB G28 PRS MDT XRS Chassis Kal 22LR 544mm

The 1761 APR model was developed specifically for the small-caliber PRS disciplines. A high-precision and modern small-caliber system from the ANSCHÜTZ weapon manufacturer, paired with the ergonomically shaped XRS stock. The self-centering 1761 bolt locks with three bolt lugs and is equipped with a brilliant match trigger that is factory-set to 750 g and underlines the precision of this overall package. There is a full-length Picatinny rail with 30 MOA pre-tilt on the sleeve for easy and flexible scope mounting. Rounded off with a 10-round stainless steel magazine that is quick and easy to change. 1761 APR. 


System - 1761 APR
The hybrid of precision and tradition-The foundation of the high precision is the system sleeve geometry inspired by the sporting weapons sector with high rigidity, flat contact surface and integrated abutment. The sleeve is manufactured using highly sophisticated manufacturing processes and know-how. The ejector integrated in the sleeve can also be changed quickly and easily if necessary. The brilliant, matt surface gives the model 1761 APR a timeless look that will still look great for many years to come. This overall package is rounded off with a factory-supplied Picatinny rail with 30 MOA pre-tilt.

Castle - 1761 APR
Runs easily & quickly-The smooth-running deflection roller reduces the force required to open and cock the closure. There is no resistance in the way of fast and comfortable repeating and phenomenal precision. The symmetrically arranged 3-lug lock ensures maximum security. Easy to dismantle the lock for maintenance and cleaning. The high-quality and durable QPQ coating ensures greater lubricity, wear resistance and corrosion protection and is therefore perfect for the demanding PRS disciplines and harsh weather conditions.

Deduction - 1761 APR
Our tradition

  • Direct trigger 5061 D APR, factory set to 750 g,adjustable from 750 – 1,200 g
  • Magazine release lever that can be operated on both sidesfor quick magazine changes

Whether a pressure point trigger or a direct trigger - whichever stop is preferred or required, whether lying down, sitting, kneeling or standing freehand: In this trigger for the Model 1761 you will find the perfect interface between rifle and shooter, adjustable from 750 - 1,200 g, factory set to 750 g. There is nothing better.

10 round magazine - 1761 APR
Crucial reserves!

The magazine is made of robust stainless steel and high-performance plastic, making it insensitive to dust, dirt and water. The comfortable handling of the magazine thanks to the non-slip magazine base made of high-strength plastic guarantees best handling even in the worst weather. The magazine sits securely and firmly in the magazine well and is particularly easy to remove. A slight pressure with the index finger on the magazine release lever and the magazine slides out of the magazine well! 

The XRS shaft from MDT.
Sport shaft with chassis functionality

With ergonomics similar to a traditional rifle stock, the MDT XRS receiver system is perfect for those who prefer traditional style but want all the benefits of an MDT receiver, such as: B. an M-LOK forend, an adjustable buttstock, V-block bedding and a free-swinging barrel.

Scope of delivery:

The following items are always included in the delivery, regardless of how you configure the product!

  • ANSCHÜTZ 1761 APR system, mounted in the MDT XRS stock
  • Plastic rifle case MEGA
  • 10 rounds ANSCHÜTZ magazine
  • 544 mm barrel with barrel thread 1/2″ – 28 UNEF
  • Trigger 5061 APR, 750 – 1,200 g, set to 750 g
  • Quality control card