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  • Height adjustment within seconds 
  • after initial installation no tools required 
  • from 12mm (base level) it can be increased in 2.5 mm increments to 39.5mm !! 
  • A written scale shows the adjusted height and is used to reproduce for the respective discipline 
  • rear- and front-sight are manufactured in accordance to intercept theorem of rays that the rear sight not or just barely have to be corrected when adjusting (from standing to prone for example)!! 
  • thereby the three-position shooter only needs one rear-sight, one sight-elevation and one front-sight which also still avoids confusion (especially in the final) and properly saves money! 
  • saves valuable time during rebuilding from one to the next discipline, which especially in the new 3position-final-mode is extremely important - to have more time for sigthing-shots !! 
  • no different groups of ammunition in different positions because you always have the same weight on your barrel !!
  • weight 120g (front-part 50g, rear-part 70g. So it is per part about 20g heavier than a "normal" sight-elevation)

All in all, a product which saves time, money and space (because only 1 rear sight ... ) but also unnecessary excitement and energy, is what helps the shooter in competition to further reserves !!


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Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Apr 11, 2016
Using it for prone and it makes the change from 50 to 100 yards easy vs. a big elevation change in the rear sight.

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