2 Oz Clearview Lens Cleaner Italian Gun Grease

$ 5.95

ClearView Optics Cleaner by Italian Gun Grease ClearView is designed to clean and protect your most valuable optics and goggles. Originally designed and sold to militaries for use on aircraft and missile lens domes, it is safe for use on all lenses, coated and uncoated. It prevents stains, corrosion, and oxidation while it cleans and protects in one step. Engineered at the Nano-level, it provides the most effective cleaning and protection on the market. It uses a range of different sized polymers to create a microscopically thin, ultra-dense surface that produces HD clarity. It will not damage coatings, build up or discolor your optics and has anti-static, anti-oxidation and UV protective properties.

- mild and effective

- safe for users and environment

- can be used every day

- will not build up or discolor

- HD refractory properties

- UV sunlight resistant

- anti-oxidation

- anti-static

Made in America

2 oz. Spray

This item cannot be shipped air service or through the post office.




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