.223 Remington Forster Full Length Sizing Die

$ 56.79

.223 Remington Forster Full Length Sizing Die

The Forster Full Length Sizing Die is designed to size the case neck and body, bump the shoulder back to establish headspace, deprimes and expands the case neck. Machined by hand with a solid one-piece reamer. Forster Full Length dies have an elevated expander ball (E-Z Out Floating Expander Ball system) that the neck passes over while most of the case is still captured in the die. This system provides better alignment and improved concentricity for precision reloading.


  • One Forster Full Length Sizing Die
  • One Decapping Assembly with decapping pin and floating expander ball
  • Forster Die Body Ring (works in Forster Co-Ax presses and traditional 7/8-14 threaded presses
  • Complete instructions
  • One die box
  • Shellholder sold separately (not needed if using in a Forster Co-Ax Press)


  • E-Z Out Expander Ball system
  • Knurled knobs for easy adjustment
  • Adjustable decapping assembly
  • Hardened decapping pin
  • Expander ball measures 0.001” smaller than bullet diameter. Allowing for 0.001” of brass springback will provide bullet grip of 0.002”
  • Available for over 70 cartridges
  • Made in the U.S.A.