Etched Glass Iced Tea Tumbler


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After a long day at the range, one must sit back and grab a grab a tall, cold drink. Why not add some flare to your glass with our line of etched drinkware?

Currently offered with the Creedmoor logo or the distinguished rifleman badge, these drinking glasses are etched on to the glassware by a shooter for a shooter. Other designs are also being created including the distinguished pistol badge.

Nowhere else will you find these unique designs to distinguish your drink from another. The tall tumbler and oversized mug reduce the number of refills needed so you can stay put on the couch or in the lawn chair.


Shotglass, 2" high (Item #DRS)

Iced Tea Tumbler, 5" high (Item #DRT)

Oversized Mug, 7" high (Item #DRM)


Each design is also offered in sets of 4 at a discount. Great for your own collection or as a gift.

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