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ELEY match is renowned amongst elite competition shooters for its excellent accuracy and performance.

ELEY match is second in the world of .22LR accuracy and performance with ELEY tenex being the world number one. This cartridge benefits from the patented flat nose profile and the cut mouth case delivering consistent internal ballistics performance.

Each cartridge is checked by a suite of analytical processes including computer controlled visual inspection and finely calibrated measuring equipment, all overseen by our extremely precise and meticulous engineers.


bullet profile

cartridge length

bullet weight




Flat nose 25.4mm / 1inch 2.59grams / 40grains Muzzle : 331m/s (1085ft/s) Muzzle = 14.5 (Kg.m) / 104.9 ( Beeswax-tallow
50m (55yds) : 303m/s (994ft/s) 50m / 55yds = 12.1 (Kg.m) / 87.5 (
91m (100yds) : 285m/s (935ft/s) 91m / 100yds = 10.7 (Kg.m) / 77.4 (

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Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Oct 24, 2016
While shooting a 1600 point match I had 6 misfires with my Anschutz 1907 and Eley black box. At $15 a box you would think this would not be a problem. Not real happy
David Wilson
Owner Response: David, Thank you for taking time to review the Eley ammunition. I've asked one of our shooters on staff to respond. I hope this helps. "Eley has a thinner primer than other brands. Check the headspacing. Many rifles are set for a thicker primer from the factory. Also, check to make sure the trigger assembly isn't too far forward. I had misfires all the time from Eley and it's not the ammo's fault. It's how the gun is set up."

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