.260 Remington Redding Competition Bushing Neck 3- Die Set

$ 383.95

.260 Remington Competition Bushing Neck Sizing Die Set (3- Die Set)

The Redding Competition Bushing Neck Sizer Die Set is for the handloader who wants the best of everything. This set gives you the ability to neck size only or size the body and bump the shoulder back. Then use the best threaded seater on the market using the Competition Bullet Seating Die. back a bit includes a Competition Bushing Neck Sizing Die, Body Die and Competition Seating Die. Both the Bushing Neck Sizing Die and the Competition Seating Die feature micrometer heads allowing the user to infinitely adjust both the amount of neck sizing and the depth of seating. Both dies give the user information so they can return to a favorite setting. Both of the Competition Dies feature a precision ground sliding sleeve that captures the case prior to neck sizing or bullet seating taking place. The body die sizes the body of the case and pushes the shoulder back to the amount you desire. Bushings for the neck die and shellholders are sold separately.


  • One Redding Competition Seater including a precision ground sliding chamber sleeve and micrometer adjustment head with precision ground bullet seating stem.
  • One Redding Competition Neck Sizing Die including the precision ground sliding sleeve and micrometer adjustment head to adjust the amount of neck being sized.
  • One Redding Body Die
  • One die box
  • Complete Instructions
  • Shellholder sold separately.


  • Sliding sleeve on the bullet seater completely captures the case before the bullet seating occurs promoting and enhancing accuracy and bullet seating consistency.
  • The micrometer head on the bullet seater allows you to easily see .001” or less adjustments to seating depth.
  • Precision ground bullet seating stem for consistent seating
  • Micrometer head on neck sizing die allows you to easily adjust the amount of neck sizing in increments of .001” or less.
  • Sliding sleeve on the neck sizing die does the same thing as the seater. It captures the case before the sizing operation begins. This ensures that the case is supported during sizing.
  • Dial back to previous recorded measurements easily on both the seating die and the neck sizing die. This feature is especially handy during load testing and also when using different bullets in the same firearm or adjusting the neck die back to a different setting.
  • “Zero” feature for zeroing micrometer head for a favorite setting or a particular bullet.