.284 Winchester 1-1/4" Triebel Benchrest Neck Sizing Die

$ 244.95

Triebel Benchrest Neck Sizing Die for Reloading

The Bench-Rest-Neck-Die guides the cartridge case over the full length before the neck of the case will be formed with an interchangeable precision ground bushing.

The guide sleeve has the internal contour of the cartridge chamber to cover the cartridge case. The guide sleeve and the body of this reloading die perfectly match to ensure the exact axial alignment of all parts during the sizing process.
Of course, the Bench-Rest-Neck-Die has an optional expander and the exchangeable primer ejector pin.

This die is the perfect choice for those who want to leave nothing to chance when reloading.
All relevant components have an article number for easy reordering if necessary.

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