.30-06 Springfield Redding Premium Series Full Length Die Se

$ 124.95

.30-06 Springfield Redding Premium Series Full Length Die Set

The Premium Die Set was built to accommodate the use of handloaders choosing to Full Length Size only and want the accuracy and control of a micrometer head on top of the standard Redding Seater. The Full Length Die in this set features a Carbide Sizing Button providing a smooth transition of the neck portion of the case as it exits the die. It can also be used to straighten new brass with the Full Length die backed away from the shellholder if the handloaders desires. The standard Redding Bullet Seater is equipped with the micrometer head found on the Competition Seaters. This micrometer head allows the handloader to easily adjust the seating depth in increments of 0.001” or less. Very handy for dialing back to a known seating depth for a specific bullet.

Following the introduction of Bullet Seating Micrometers for our standard series of seating dies, our customers have been asking for complete die sets with this added precision.

Redding also offers a 3-Die Set in this Premium Series that includes the above two dies plus the addition of a Redding standard Neck Sizing Die. (See separate listing for these die sets)

Two types of "Premium" Die Sets are available.

The Die Set that this listing is for:

The "Premium" Full Length, two (2) die set; a Redding Full Length Sizing Die with the addition of a Carbide Sizing Button and a standard Bullet Seater with a Micrometer Seating Depth Head.

The following Die Set is found on a different SKU listing:

The "Premium" Deluxe, three (3) die set; contains the "Premium" two (2) die set (described above) with the addition of a standard neck sizing die.


  • One Redding Full Length Sizing Die with a carbide Sizing Button
  • One Redding Standard Bullet Seater with a Micrometer Head for seating adjustment
  • One die box
  • Complete Instructions
  • Shellholder sold separately


  • Micrometer head on bullet seater allows you to easily see .001” or less adjustments to seating depth
  • Precision ground bullet seating stem for consistent seating
  • Carbide button for easy expansion of new cases and smooth resizing of necks when full length sizing
  • Decapping rod included on Full Length Sizing Die