.308 Winchester Redding National Match Die Set

$ 201.95

.308 Winchester Redding National Match-C Die Set

The Redding National Match-C Die Set is a 3-Die set. This die set includes a Full-Length Sizing Die with a carbide sizing button, the Competition Bullet Seating Die with sliding chamber sleeve and micrometer head, and a Taper Crimp Die.


  • One standard Redding Full-Length Sizing die but with a carbide sizing button.
  • One Redding Competition Seater including sliding chamber sleeve and micrometer adjustment head
  • One Redding Taper Crimp Die
  • One die box
  • Complete Instructions
  • Shellholder sold separately


  • Full-length sizing die with carbide button for a smooth withdrawal of the case and minimizing the amount of inside neck lube.
  • Precision machined and polished inside surfaces produce a very consistent sized case.
  • Adjustable decapping rod on the full-length die allows you to fine tune the decapping effort.
  • Sliding sleeve on the bullet seater completely captures the case before the bullet seating occurs promoting and enhancing accuracy and bullet seating consistency
  • Micrometer head on bullet seater allows you to easily see .001” or less adjustments to seating depth
  • Dial back to previous recorded measurements easily. This feature is especially handy during load testing and also when using different bullets in the same firearm.
  • Taper Crimp die allows you to crimp separately from the seating operation.