.338 Lapua Magnum Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater Die

$ 117.86

.338 Lapua Magnum Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater Die

This Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater Die has a floating chamber sleeve that fully captures the case prior to seating the bullet. This feature ensures the bullet and case are held in perfect alignment during the seating operation. The micrometer seating head allows you to precisely make fine adjustments to the bullet’s seating depth. This Bench Rest quality seater does not feature a crimping ring (except for the 30-30 seater).


  • One Forster Bench Rest Ultra Micrometer Seater
  • One Forster Split type lock ring
  • Storage Case
  • Complete instructions


  • Spring loaded sliding chamber sleeve to hold cartridge in alignment prior to and during the seating operation
  • Micrometer head allows you to fine tune the bullet seating depth in increments of .001” or less in either direction.
  • Sharp white markings on the micrometer head are easy to read and record
  • Eliminates much of the trial and error method of establishing seating depth
  • Available for over 80 different cartridges
  • Made in the U.S.A.