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Redding T-7 Turret Press

$ 302.95


"Cast iron construction, powerful compound linkage and a rigid seven station turret combine to make the Redding T-7 the best turret press ever!"

The design criteria was to create the ultimate turret press. The Redding engineering team started with their time proven cast iron construction and turret support that is second to none.

They added powerful compound linkage with over 3.8" of ram travel. A 1" diameter hollow ram was chosen with the "smart primer arm" and "spent primer collection system" borrowed from Redding's Ultramag. Another station was added to the turret for even greater versatility and an optional "Slide Bar Automatic Primer Feeding System" was designed.


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2 reviews
Redding T-7
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Sep 11, 2018
I purchased the T-7 for pistol loads, upgrading from a RC IV. This press is built to be an heirloom, nothing cheap or flimsy about it. Able to keep 2 sets of RCBS dies and a universal deprimer on a single turret head, I have doubled my output from the single stage. As of this writing, I have loaded approximately 750 cases without a hiccup. For under $300, this was the press to get for me. Shipping from Creedmoor was quick and damage free.

Serioius Press for Serious Reloaders
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Aug 26, 2018
I should have gotten this Redding T-7 turret press years ago! What a time saver this is for the reloader-not having to remove, re-install and adjust every reloading die every time. I put my universal decapping die in the press turret 'for good'-as I use it on all my rifle brass. The turret press is worth the price just for this alone. In addition to the decapping die, I put in two 3-die sets(I use Lee Factory crimp dies on my magnum hunting cartridges)of my most often used calibers dies. I will probably end up buying at least one additional turret for my less often loaded cartridges. I set the T-7 press on an Inline Fabrication Ultra Mount riser with quick change so that I can pop the press off and install Wilson and RCBS case trimmers or an shop vise very quickly. The T-7's opening is tall enough to handle even the extra long cartridges cases such as my .375H&H. If I were going to improve this and most other popular reloading presses, I would leave off the primer seating mechanism at the front of the press ram. No serious reloader really uses these press primer seating mechanisms and they all obstruct access to press ram.

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