4-way Adj. Buttplate

$ 135.95

"An adjustable rifle is the key to proper fit, and that's a key to high scores. I developed this buttplate to give the conventionally-stocked rifle the most range possible."

This buttplate is precision machined, easy to adjust, and has the adjustments in the correct locations! That means it's accessible by the shooter from the mat, not the workbench - using one wrench.

The unit is adjustable for length, buttpad height, cant, and offset. It has more adjustment range than its competitors and is built with a more appropriate buttpad for use with a shooting coat. It's also index marked for consistent repositioning from event to event.

We newly redesigned this plate with three added features to improve its use and effectiveness. One is that the main adjustment shaft is now centerless ground. This change means its fit has improved to the point where we need only one allen screw to secure it, unlike the two or more necessary in others. The second feature is that the clamping plate (friction screw plate) is reversible. This allows the shooter to decide which side he would like to clamp the post. Just remove the two screws which hold the clamping plate onto the flange mounting plate then reverse the clamping plate and reinstall the two mounting screws.

The big change is that our new offset adjustment sets ours apart from other available plates. This feature allows the shooter to tune the cast on/off to move the rifle centerline nearer or farther from the shooter, which is a tremendous aid to attaining the proper head position.

This plate is suited for use on most competition-style target stocks (flange mounting plate may be easily contoured after installation for a perfect fit).

Adjustment range: length, 3 inches; height, 3 inches; cant, 360 degrees; offset approx. 0.500 inches. Weight, 2.0 pounds.




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