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The most accurate and easiest to use straight line dies on the market. The Wilson Bullet Seater takes the thread out of the seating operation and puts the bullet directly inline with the case before the seating operation begins.  The Inline Seater is an essential part of every precision shooters toolbox. Major seating adjustments can be made with the 3/8" - 24 threads in the cap.

  1. A built-in micrometer seating depth adjustment feature with an easy to read scale in .001 graduations.
  2. Great for dialing in your loads at the range!
  3. Made from 416 and 303 stainless for long lasting finish.
  4. Seating stem made with a very tight tolerance with the bore hole.
  5. As with all Wilson products Made and assembled in the U.S.A. 
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3 reviews
L E wilson bullet seater with micro
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jun 1, 2018
If you want repeatability seating bullets, then use this tool. Once set, you canload as many rounds as you want and they are all within .0005. I would say this is due to bullets ogive differance when made. Plus you can feel the differance in your neck tension between cases.
John T Krol

Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon May 23, 2018
I am a newly-hooked acolyte of Wilson micrometer bullet seating dies. I had been using Forster micrometer bullet seating dies, and in two out of three calibers I was not at all satisfied with the inconsistent results I was getting. In comparison, the Wilson die in those same two calibers gives me outstanding, consistent results in uncompressed to slightly compressed loads. The Wilson die holds case and bullet in perfect alignment before the bullets is seated, unlike the competitors. The manufacturing quality of the die is first-rate. The bullet seating stem and of course the micrometer are both adjustable to fit any bullet made for a particular caliber. The micrometer adjustment is precise and convenient and lockable, and is a must-have feature if you load your ammunition with more than one bullet at one seating depth. The only indirect caveat about this type of die is the need of an arbor press, and finding one that works well. I bought a small, light-duty arbor press designed specifically for bullet seating with chamber-type dies, and had to modify it with a longer lever arm and a larger base for smoother operation. Heavier-duty generic arbor presses are available for less money.
John Detmar

223 rem LE Wilson seating die with micrometer
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Apr 30, 2018
Couldn't be happier with this method of seating bullets. I saw immediate results using this die. I will likely never go back to using a standard press and die setup when trying to achieve optimum accuracy. I can also attest to the quality of the 6.5 creedmoor LE Wilson dies, so I doubt any other caliber would be any different. I would say that I'd stick with the model that features the micrometer. It allows me to seat quickly with accuracy. Every single round is identical thanks to the micrometer. In summation, I would recommend this item to anyone trying to squeeze every bit of accuracy out of their rifle.
Brett Hamilton Lancaster