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We're constantly striving to improve our products to help you improve your scores. Designed with the input from shooters across several disciplines, the Custom Deluxe Hardback is the most comfortable coat out there.

Click here for our measuring guide for your Custom Deluxe Harback Coat.

Spandex on inside bend of arm*

The spandex allows your forearm to come closer to your bicep in the standing position without the bulkier material getting in the way. It also prevents hot brass from falling into your sleeve. If you've ever had a hot piece of brass fall into your zippered sleeve opening, you know what we mean. If not, then consider yourself lucky!

Tapered Sleeves*

By designing the sleeves with a tighter arm fit, the contact point where your elbow meets the inside of the sleeve will remain the same between shots.  With non-tapered sleeves, there's an opportunity for your arm to shift inside of the sleeve between shots. Depending on how your elbow rests on the padding, this can cause an inconsistency in your natural point of aim. Being able to relax and keep your natural point of aim will help you to steady your hold and call your shots better.

Pre-bent Sleeves*

What does every shooting position have in common? Bent arms! So, it just makes sense to make the sleeves bent from the beginning. This makes it easier for you to get into position with minimum resistance from the sleeve. The more comfortable you are in position, the better your scores!

Extended Body Pad*

We've added a larger rubber body pad on the support side of the coat to provide more rubber on rubber (elbow rubber to body) contact in the standing position to keep that position locked. Remember, the better your standing position, the less muscle strength used, which will reduce fatigue.

Low Pulse Padding

Strategically placed added padding creates "low pulse" effect when shooting with the sling on the arm. With the introduction of scopes, a heavy pulse can be extremely distracting.

Elbow Padding

One quarter inch padding protects the elbows. Twenty minutes in prone on a hard surface can take its toll on your elbows. The half inch padding along with our exclusive textured rubber make for a perfect combination of comfort and support.

Heavy Duty Buckles

Contoured side-release heavy duty nylon buckles with adjusting straps secures the coat around the body for maximum support. The flat buckle allows for a comfortable prone position while laying on the buckles.

Sling Harness

A quick and easy-to-use sling harness is provided to maintain the sling's position on the arm.

Terry Cloth Collar

A soft, removable and washable terry cloth collar protects the shooters neck and coat material.

Heavy Quilted Padded Lining

This is where all the support comes from. The layers are specially quilted to be flexible, but still provide a rigid support when the straps are tightened. We would love to tell you our sewing magic but something has to be secret and kept in a vault.

Textured rubber

We developed a specialty textured rubber formula to provide slip resistance while shooting. Strategically placed elbow, body and sling/pulse pads provide maximum support and higher scores.

Large Spandex Under-Arm Gussets

Permits unrestricted arm movement and prevents the coat from the dreaded "ride-up" your back while shooting prone. Nothing like your hat and hearing protection being pushed off your head while trying to clean rapid fire or the 600 yard line!

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4 reviews
Great Coat and Great Customer Service!
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Oct 23, 2018
Can't say enough about the coat ---- excellent job. Workmanship was impeccable ---- all individual components (zippers, snaps, pads, etc) are of the highest quality ---- when all of this is combined into the final product, the coat, you will not be disappointed. More importantly ---- the customer service is excellent! I had made a mistake on the measurement of the sleeves and the coat, when it arrived, had sleeves too long. Ben, from Creedmoor, worked with me and we got the sleeves shortened ------ not only was that huge, but the turnaround time for the alteration was extremely short ---- the coat was not out of my possession for more than a week -- and that time frame included shipping to and from! Ben and the team who fixed the sleeves fixed the sleeves and re-shipped the coat to me in one day --- pretty amazing. I was expecting to not have the coat for several weeks. Outstanding Job!! Thanks again, Steve
Steven Mutzig

Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Sep 3, 2018
Great in all respects from detailed ordering instructions and size details, questions addressed, workmanship, delivery, and final fit!
Louis R. Billones

Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jul 3, 2018
I am a small junior shooter who had been previously using a coat that was too large. I received this coat a few months ago and I can confidently say it has changed the way I shoot service rifle and 3 position smallbore for the better. I would highly recommend this coat!
McKenna Beckham

Deluxe Hard-Back
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon May 3, 2018
Just received and completed 1st range day. Fit is perfect. The new sleeves and adjustments in rubber padding eliminate any of the bulking experienced around your lower arms. The fit is the best of any coat I've had. Craftsmanship and quality is excellent. Well worth the cost.
Hugo Adelson