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If you are serious about getting better, the Trace Shooting System is a must have. The Trace 10 GEN2 training system records your shots and visualizes your aiming path in real time. Built-in analytics provide instant feedback to help identify errors in your shooting technique. Using this system to practice live and dry fire, can improve your shooting performance. Trace comes in two different mounting systems. The Cylinder system mounts to any cylinder shape on your rifle like the barrel or air cylinder and the Anschutz rail system which can be attached to any Anschutz rail.


  • Monitor your aiming & stability in real time
  • Analyze your aim, triggering & follow through
  • Record and store all your training sections for easy recall
  • Anschutz utility rail & cylinder mounts available
  • Live fire up to 25m / Dry fire from 3M

How it Works: Once you have attached Trace to your firearm and downloaded Trace's free software on your laptop or desktop, simply plug in Trace to your computer using the supplied USB and open the application. Trace is a camera-based training system that can see your target and can Trace your aiming path in real time.

About Software:

  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10
  • Library of ISSF, NRA, DSB, WA targets
  • Scaled target printout for home practice
  • Built-in analytics & training exercises
  • Free regular software updates

Key Benefits:

  • Real-Time Tracking
    • Every glimpse of your aiming, shot and follow-through converted into data and depicted on screen.
  • Quick to Setup
    • Starting a training section with TRACE is as simply as Mount-Connect-Shoot. All necessary preparations can be easily fit into 60 seconds.
  • Train Anywhere
    • Save on ammo. Live fire and dryfire, indoors and outdoors, in shooting range and at home with scaled targets.
  • Lightweight
    • TRACE 10 GEN 2 weighs only 30 grams. There is no other sensor that supplies same functionality with such weight.
  • Trace Routines
    • Built-in interactive shooting workouts. You can choose preferred workout set difficulty level and improve your shooting technique with computer-assisted exercises.

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