(DISC) 6 Oz Copper Eliminator Italian Gun Grease

$ 12.95
Copper Eliminator by Italain Gun Grease  

IT'S HERE! Our advanced proprietary formula may be the top performing copper remover available. Not only is it extremely effective at removing copper fouling, but it also removes lead extremely well too. Since Copper Eliminator™ does not contain ammonia or other solvents that produce dangerous VOCs, we proudly make the claim that our product "DOESN'T STINK". Our non-offensive formula has more horse-power to dissolves embedded copper and lead in minutes instead of hours, making it easy to remove suspended molecules with patches. It is simple to use, people friendly, earth friendly, and won't harm the other metals in your firearm. To maximize firearm performance, Copper Eliminator™ is another "must have" key component for your IGG maintenance system. It will smoke your perception of other copper/lead removing products!  

- Removes copper fouling  
- Removes lead fouling  
- Faster than ammonia-based cleaners  
- Easy to use  
- No ammonia or other offensive solvent smells  
- People and earth friendly  
- Works in tandem with Carbon Eliminator  
- Developed and made in America  

6 oz Spray  

This item cannot be shipped air service or through the post office.

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