6mm 22-250 Redding Type S Bushing Full Die

$ 99.95

6mm 22-250 Redding Type S Bushing Full Length Die

The Redding Type S Bushing Full-Length Die Set includes a Type S Bushing Full-Length Sizing Die. The Type S Full-Length Bushing Sizing Die allows you to select a bushing available in .001” increments. This lets the reloader size the complete body of the case, adjust the amount of shoulder bump, and determine and control the amount of external neck sizing. Bushings and shellholder are sold separately.

The decapping rod can be used with a traditional sizing button which is recommended for brass that has not been neck turned or sorted by neck wall thickness. For sizing brass that has been neck turned, use the decapping pin retainer in place of the sizing button.

If you are using brass that hasn’t been neck turned, find a piece that has the thinnest wall thickness if you have a tubing micrometer or find one that has the smallest outside diameter when loaded with a bullet, and select a bushing .003” to .005” smaller than the outside diameter. This method will minimize the amount of sizing you do to your brass but still result in consistent inside diameter when the case passes over the sizing button as it exits the die. This makes sure you have consistent bullet grip and uniform chamber pressures.


  • One Redding Type S Bushing Full-Length Sizing Die which includes a decapping rod, a standard sizing button, and a decapping pin retainer to use in place of the button for those choosing to only externally size their brass. 17 caliber versions only include a sizing button and no retainer due to physical limitations.
  • One die box
  • Complete Instructions
  • Bushings and shellholder sold separately


  • Ability to control the amount of external neck sizing by choosing bushings available in .001” increments. Bushings sold separately.
  • Bushings self-center in sizing die to improve concentricity
  • Adjustable decapping rod allows the user to adjust the bushing position controlling how much of the neck length is sized
  • Sizing die can be used as a body die by removing the bushing and all internal parts of the die