7mm PRC Redding Competition Seater Die

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7mm PRC Redding Competition Seater Die

The Redding Competition Seater Die is considered by many to be one of the most accurate and consistent bullet seating dies in the world. This die goes well beyond the capabilities of the standard seating die and addresses many of the issues or problems handloaders run into on standard seaters. The manufacturing tolerances/precision are made possible by the patented seating stem system. The fit between the seating stem and guide is so precise that it can be visibly seen by the slight vacuum it creates. The seating stem is precision ground (not turned) to exactly match the bullet diameter.

The precision ground chamber sleeve completely captures and supports the cartridge case prior to the bullet seating operation beginning. As the case is captured in the chamber sleeve a spring system pushes the case and bullet up until it reaches the seating stem. This system ensures that the case doesn’t move during the seating operation.

The micrometer head is calibrated in increments of 0.001" and allows the handloader to adjust the seating depth precisely or return to previous settings. The click free adjustment means it is infinitely adjustable. It also has a "zero" feature that allows you to zero the micrometer to your favorite seating depth or for a particular rifle.

Standard external threads – 7/8"-14

Works with a standard shellholder sold separately.


  • One Redding Competition Seater including a precision ground sliding chamber sleeve and micrometer adjustment head with precision ground bullet seating stem.
  • One die box
  • Complete Instructions
  • Shellholder sold separately 


  • Sliding sleeve on the bullet seater completely captures the case before the bullet seating occurs promoting and enhancing accuracy and bullet seating consistency
  • Micrometer head on bullet seater allows you to easily see .001" or less adjustments to seating depth
  • Precision ground bullet seating stem for consistent seating
  • Dial back to previous recorded measurements easily. This feature is especially handy during load testing and also when using different bullets in the same firearm.
  • "Zero" feature for zeroing micrometer head for a favorite setting or a particular bullet.