7mm Remington Wilson SS Bullet Seater W/ Micrometer

$ 109.95

Wilson Stainless Steel Bullet Seater W/ Micrometer

The most accurate and easiest to use straight line dies on the market. The Wilson Bullet Seater takes the thread out of the seating operation and puts the bullet directly inline with the case before the seating operation begins. The Inline Seater is an essential part of every precision shooters toolbox. Major seating adjustments can be made with the 3/8" - 24 threads in the cap.

  1. A built-in micrometer seating depth adjustment feature with an easy to read scale in .001 graduations.
  2. Great for dialing in your loads at the range!
  3. Made from 416 and 303 stainless for long lasting finish.
  4. Seating stem made with a very tight tolerance with the bore hole.
  5. As with all Wilson products Made and assembled in the U.S.A.