7mm WSM Redding Type S Match Bushing Full Die Set

$ 269.95

7mm WSM Redding Type S Match Bushing Full Die Set

The Redding Type S Match Bushing Full-Length Die Set includes a Type S Match Bushing Full-Length Sizing Die and a Competition Seating Die with micrometer depth seating and a sliding sleeve. The Type S Full-Length Bushing Sizing Die allows you to select a bushing available in .001” increments. This lets the reloader determine and control the amount of external neck sizing. Bushings and shellholder are sold separately.


  • One Redding Type S Bushing Full-Length Sizing Die which includes a decapping rod, a standard sizing button, and a decapping pin retainer to use in place of the button for those choosing to only externally size their brass. 17 caliber versions only include a sizing button and no retainer due to physical limitations.
  • One Redding Competition Bullet Seating Die including the sliding sleeve and the micrometer adjusting head
  • One die box
  • Complete Instructions
  • Bushings and shellholder sold separately


  • Ability to control the amount of external neck sizing by choosing bushings available in .001” increments. Bushings sold separately.
  • Bushings self-center in sizing die to improve concentricity
  • Adjustable decapping rod allows the user to adjust the bushing position controlling how much of the neck length is sized
  • Sizing die can be used as a body die by removing the bushing and all internal parts of the die
  • Sliding sleeve on the bullet seater completely captures the case before the bullet seating occurs promoting and enhancing accuracy and bullet seating consistency
  • Micrometer head on bullet seater allows you to easily see .001” or less adjustments to seating depth
  • Dial back to previous recorded measurements easily. This feature is especially handy during load testing and also when using different bullets in the same firearm.