American Practice .22 Cal 55 Gr HPBT Bullets (500 ct)

$ 98.95

American Practice .22 Cal 55 Gr HPBT Bullets (500 ct)

Creedmoor Sports is excited to introduce the American Bullet Company Practice Bullets. We believe a key to winning a competition is the practice time you put in leading up to the match. American Practice Bullets are an excellent alternative for competitors who may not want to use their expensive bullets during a practice session and save their good loads for a match. This means more range time and less money spent per round!

American Practice Bullets are factory seconds, but they're still great for training.

Issues separating American Practice Bullets from factory first run bullets include:

  • Minor scratch marks on the jacket
  • Polishing media or compound in the hollow point
  • Boat tail dimensions that vary slightly from the print
  • Weight variance that is out of spec - total weight variance of 2.0 grains across the lot.
  • Other minor cosmetic defects that prevent being sold as a first run

Packaged in a 500 ct box by weight. All bullets will be from the same lot in each box, but lots may vary from box to box.