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Fits Stoner SR-25 Semi Auto Rifles

DPMS LR .308 Semi Auto Rifles

Remington R-25 .308 Semi-Auto Rifles

Rifles built on DPMS lowers and other lowers that accept DPMS mags.

Weight -7oz

Approximately the same size as a 10rd mag

Meets Match Rifle Rules

Here is how it works
The OBS is inserted instead of a magazine. When the bolt is opened, the built-in plunger trips the bolt catch and holds the bolt open. A single round is then placed in the ejection port and allowed to rest in the channel of the OBS. The bolt release button is pressed and the single round is loaded. When that round is fired, the action cycles normally and the OBS plunger trips the bolt catch lever to hold the bolt open. This provides a very smooth operation for the slow fire that is required during High Power Rifle Competition, Benchrest Competition, load development, and varmint or long range shooting where the length of the bullet may exceed maximum magazine length.

General Advantages:
-Operates and feels like a standard 20 or 10 round magazine.
-The loading channel perfectly aligns the round to enter the chamber.
-The plunger automatically activates the bolt stop and holds the bolt open ready for the next round to be loaded.
-The loading lip on the left side is chamfered to prevent a round from lodging on top of it.
-Long rounds, which will not fit in a standard magazine, can be single loaded.
-Delrin? is unbreakable and does not scratch, mar or dent metal parts.
-Excellent for testing new handloads.
-Extra safety when teaching new shooters.
-Designed and Made in the USA on CNC Milling Machinery!

Competition Advantages:
-Keeps your AR-15 straight and level while single loading a round in slow-fire.
-No need to destroy a "good" magazine to make a poor single loading magazine.
-Excellent for standing and prone slow-fire competition!!!
-No need to "break position" when locked down in prone to load a round.

**The SR/LR308 sled fits Stoner SR-25, DPMS LR .308 and Remington R-25 pattern Semi-Auto Rifle**

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3 reviews
Perfect solution!
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Aug 15, 2017
This allows you to drop one at a time in the loading area... better than loading one in the mag or setting one on top of an empty mag because of the orientation relative to the feed ramps. Perfect for longer than mag length rounds and load development. Last round bolt hold open feature is spring loaded and feels just like a normal empty magazine when releasing the bolt. No issues. I did have to hit the top front corners with a dremel to get my Aero upper to completely close without binding.... took 30 seconds. There is an internal radius on the Aero that I assume other uppers do not have.

Excellent product speedy delivery
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jan 14, 2017
Bobs sled. I use it all the time on my precision AR10 build. Allows the barrel to cool and always locks back correctly. My shooting partner was so impressed he purchased a couple.
David Ross

Works Perfect!
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Mar 8, 2016
I recently purchased the SR-25 Short Match Bob Sled for use with my Ruger RPR rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor. The Bob Sled fits and works flawlessly. The Bob sled is built solid and is great when shooting precision handloads for accuracy.
Raymond McIntyre

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