Anschutz 2213-8700 Hook Buttplate

$ 370.95

This Anschutz Aluminum hook butt plate comes complete with the guide plate. The butt plate can easily be adjusted up and down by loosening a single screw. The hook can be angled any way you would prefer as well as vertical adjustment.

Great for smallbore shooters and preferred by many.

Light weight, high strength aluminum construction.

Quick individual adjustments with many options.

Anti-slip profile in the shoulder area.

Rounded adges.

Adjustable shoulder width.

Easy adjustment options.

Perfect shoulder adjustment due free adjusting filling pieces and individual adjustable hook.

Vertically and horizontally adjustable.

Technical Data: 

Material: Aluminum
Adjustable (mm): 130 mm
Weight (g): 460 g
Item No.: 001119