Competitive AR-15 - The Ultimate Technical Guide

$ 36.95
by Glen Zediker The first book set a new standard. This one raises the bar! It's nearly twice as big, and at least twice as good! The Competitive AR15: the ultimate technical guide is NOT an update or revision, but an all-new book written from a an all-new perspective. No one really needs to be convinced now of the awesome capacity and capability of the AR-family firearms. What's left, as always, is finding out how to make one work best for all the different ways it can serve its owner. The focus in this book is, as before, competitive use, and that means NRA High Power Rifle. However! The new book also covers tactical and field applications, and with the same detailed treatment as you've come to expect from Glen Zediker and Zediker Publishing. And it's DETAIL that's the focus of this book. This book provides very specific, exacting advice and analysis of all that's necessary to wring the last ounce of accuracy and on-target performance from the AR15-family of firearms. AN OVERVIEW Here it is - 10 years later, the NEW AR15 BOOK! Over the past 10 years I have paid close attention to all the feedback from many of the over 30,000 purchasers of the first book, as well as continuing my own pursuits in my quest for the "perfect" rifle, and perfect score. I have answered a lot of questions over those past 10 years, and leaned at least as much again as I put into the first book. All those questions, and all those answers, and more, are in this one!