Slings And Things

$ 21.95

Slings & Things - A guide to all things worn, carried by, and attached to an NRA High Power shooter. By Glen D Zediker This book didn't take as long to write as some of the "big" ones, but it took about 25 years to figure out what to put in it. I managed. It's all in it! All budgets are considered, and respected. Here's what the title means - This book is about SLINGS and all the other THINGS we need to function as competitive NRA High Power Rifle shooters. That's spotting scopes, coats, mats, hats, gloves, kit, and more. One of the first questions this book addresses is: "How do I use the sling on my Service Rifle..." There are 3 full segments, over 60 pages, devoted exclusively to this topic! That's the sort of detail you'll find in Slings & Things. And it's DETAIL that's the focus of this book.

Pages: 182
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780962692536