Crucible High Risk Environment Training II: Vol 2

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Despite its effectiveness in combat and its popularity in both law enforcement and civilian circles, the shotgun is a vastly misunderstood weapon. From fictionalized Hollywood representations of clearing entire rooms with one blast to online videos of hapless shooters getting clocked in the face with the stock from poorly handled recoil, it can be very difficult to determine just what the shotgun can and can't do. In this video, combat veteran John Buchanan blows away the myths and misinformation, showing you how to successfully deploy this weapon system for both duty carry and home defense. Buchanan begins by taking you step-by-step through the types of shotguns and shells so that you'll be able to make an informed decision about your personal defense instead of going with what some gun shop owner thinks you should have. From there, he gets into the nuts and bolts of handling the weapon, including proper recoil management, shooting the pump and semiautomatic shotguns, stance, carry options, shot patterns, transitioning to a handgun, tactical use in the home, and much more.

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120 minutes