GG&G Mad Buis Flip Up Rear Sight

$129.95 $ 110.00
MAD BUIS Ranging Aperture The MAD (Multiple Aperture Device) has a built in BDC (Bullet Drop Compensator) using a rotating aperture disc. This disc has 5 apertures starting with 0 for 25 and 200 yards, then a 3 for 300, 4 for 400, 5 for 500, and 6 for 600 yards with 55gr through 62 gr ammunition when fired through a Carbine length AR platform. When zeroing at 25 yards all elevation adjustments are made with the front sight post. It has a very low profile when in the down position not being used, solid construction and a locking detent with a push button release. Once in the up position, the sight cannot be placed in the down position without depressing the spring assisted detent release button located on the left side of the sight stem. Made in the U.S.A. MSRP $140

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