MISO AR-15 Hood Kit 28tpi

$ 139.95


  • Hood*
  • Hex Lens Cap
  • .038" Aperture
  • O Rings (2)
  • MISO AR Lens
  • 1/4-28 tpl

The MISO Lens is a single aspheric lens utilizing Variable Focus Lens Technology that creates a multifocal effect that brings near, intermediate and distance objects into focus at the same time. Simultaneous vision principles allow natural focusing at all distances from post to target and all those points in between.  The lens optical center must be positioned directly in front of the pupil for best results at all distances. However, the image clarity through the lens is not affected by slight changes of angle, perpendicular to the front sight. This advantage allows the MISO Lens to be adapted to the M1A rear sight. High definition optics are incorporated for sharper image contrast and color and AR coated to maximize lens performance. The MISO lens is the best balance of powers to maximize a clear post and target aiming system without reducing the target image.

Note:  The lens optical center must be positioned in front of the pupil for best results at all distances.

Legality:   The MISO Iron Sight Optics falls within current NRA and CMP rules governing High Power Service Rifle competition.

  •   Compatibility
  •   Compass Lake-32
  •   Gene Clark-32
  •   White Oak-32
  •   Northern Competition-28
  •   Rock River-28
  •   Bushmaster-28

For more information: www.ironsightoptics.com


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