Otis Mission Critical MC-10 High Performance Cleaner Kit

$ 29.95

Goes on. Stays on. This long lasting, high performance synthetic lubricant goes where you need it to and stays put, providing the utmost protection for your firearm. Friction doesn't stand a chance against slides, slide rails, bolt/bolt carrier, actions and other metal on metal contact points protected by Mission Critical. With no burn off, this formula has your guns running cleaner than ever. Stay in the fight, in the competition or in the field with Mission Critical.



1 fl. oz. spray bottle of cleaner, 1 fl. oz. spray bottle of lubricant and microfiber gun cloth


High Performance Lubricant

  • High performance synthetic firearm lubricant that will not freeze, burn or carbonize
  • Withstands extreme conditions
  • Recommended for slides, slide rails, bolt/bolt carrier, actions and other metal on metal contact points
  • Safe on all gun metals and finishes

High Performance Cleaner

  • Prepares surfaces for MC-10 Lubricant
  • Removes oils  & contaminants from firearm
  • Removes  MC-10 Lubricant, if desired

Designed to prepare firearms for the application of the Mission Critical High Performance Lubricant, Mission Critical High Performance Cleaner removes oils and contaminants from metal surfaces.  If desired, this cleaner is also formulated specifically to remove Mission Critical High Performance Lubricant.


1. Always make sure firearm is unloaded.

2. For first time use, remove any oils or solvents with a firearm cleaner, like Shooter's Choice Quick Scrub.

3. Spray MC-10 Lubricant on inner workings of firearm to leave a thin layer.

4. For continued use and cleanings, use MC-10 Cleaner to remove MC-10 Lubricant, carbon, fouling and any debris

5. Reapply a thin layer of MC-10 Lubricant

For best results, use MC-10 Cleaner & Lubricant exclusively.

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