Protective Shooting Pad By Limbsaver

$ 34.95

*Recoil-reducing technology

*Simple adjusting strap and single-point snap in lock for customization

*Fits Right & Left hand shooters

*One Size Fits All

The LimbSaver Protective Shooting Pad is a logical expansion of uses for Sims Vibration Laboratory's award-winning recoil-reducing break-away technology. The adjustable LimbSaver Protective Shooting Pad includes a removable system made of SVL's proprietary NAVCOM material, engineered with variable-sized nodes that disperse the recoil better than any other material on the market. The LimbSaver Protective Shooting Pad houses the recoil-reducing system and is made of a comfortable, durable, attractive material for the hunter or the trapshooter. The LimbSaver Protective Shooting Pad has a simple adjusting strap and a single-point snap-in lock for a customized fit for you. It can be easily reversed for use by either right/left-handed shooters.

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