Orion 12 Bull 50ft Smallbore Rifle Target

$29.95 $ 26.00

250 ct


This target is similiar in design to the USA-50

Orion 12 Bull 50ft Rifle Targets are a part of the Orion Scoring System for automated electronic scoring. Orion 50ft rifle targets are specially designed to be scanned using a commodity scanner and scored using the Orion software. Most computers can score an Orion 12 Bull 50ft Rifle Target in 2~4 seconds.

An Orion for Clubs or Orion at Home license is required to score this target. It is similar in design to the USA-50 (NRA-50) target. The scoring rings are equivalent to the ISSF 50m rifle target reduced to 50ft.

Orion 12 Bull 50ft Rifle Target are similar in design to traditional 12 bull targets. They have 12 aiming bulls printed on A4 sized paper (8.3 x 11.8 inches), and use high quality target paper. Their high quality helps ensures each shot is scored to within .10mm.

The Orion Scoring System is approved for sanctioned events governed by USA Shooting, the National Rifle Association, and the NCAA.

The Orion Scoring System is idea for indoor rifle and three-position competitions and training. Orion can score in whole numbers (e.g. 10, 9, etc), decimal scores (10.9, 10.8, etc), calculates inner tens (Xs) and provides analysis on your 10 shot groups.

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