AHG 64 MP R Sporter Rifle

$ 1,499.95

Small bore hunting match repeaters of the series 64:
Barreled action and version like for the models of the series 1416 and 1516 but with different stock versions and equipped with renowned precision heavy barrel.

Small bore hunting match repeater of the series 64 MP R Multi Purpose:
Based on the renowned match barreled action 64 in cal. .22 l.r. Equipped with a match two stage trigger, heavy barrel and the universal multi purpose beavertail stock - a version which finds more and more fans. Bolt action with cam cocking system, claw extractor with additional cartridge holder and ejector An 11 mm grooved receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounts makes it possible to attach a telescopic sight or match rear sight. A lateral sliding safety blocks the trigger. The rifle can be loaded and unloaded in the safe position. The bolt face is recessed for full cartridge head support. An additional gas escape groove guarantees safety.

At this model of the series Match 64 modifications were carried out in the area of the receiver. The external diameter was enlarged from 25 mm to 26 mm. This modification entails some advantages. The weight of the receiver was increased by 12 % which makes the barreled action more rigid. In addition the locking surface is enlarged by 15 % which leads to even more safety for the shooter when firing the shot. The new shape of the receiver will be continued in the firing pin nut which makes the system more elegant. In addition the old engraving on the upper side of the prism has been replaced by the more attractive "Wave-Style".

Item No.: 009977

Technical Data
Name: 64 M PR Hardwood Multi Purpose Beavertail
Item No.: 009977
Total length (cm) 110.0
Weight approx. (kg): 3.9
Name: 5098
Item No.: 001218
Model number: 5098
Type: Two stage trigger
min. Trigger weight (g): 175
max. Trigger weight (g): 450
Trigger weight, adjusted (g): 180
Barreled Action
Name: Match 64
Barrel: ANSCH?TZ Precision barrel (heavy)
Caliber: .22 l.r.
Version: right
Rifling length (mm): 420
Number of discharges: 8
Muzzle diameter (mm): 24
Magazine capacity: 5
Barrel length (cm): 65
Name: Multi Purpose Beavertail
Grip: Grip standard size
Material: Hardwood
Color: natural
Butt plate: Rubber butt plate 4709A
min. Length of pull (cm): 35
max. Length of pull (cm): 37

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