Air Rifle Training And Competition

$ 62.95

Air Rifle Training And Competition

The air rifle is the world's most popular sport gun and the first Olympic medals are decided in this discipline. This book comprises over 214 color pages and 1500 photographs, drawings, graphics and training log sheets that tell you everything you need to know

  • Top International Shooters: The athletes featured in this book have been photographed in studios and in action at Olympic Games, World Cups, and World and European Championships.
  • State of the Art Principles: This book covers fitness, outer and inner stance, three-position shooting, supported shooting, movement sequences, the air rifle, aiming trace diagnostics, exercises, mental training, training management, and coaching.
  • Important Developments and Trends in Equipment: Rifles, aiming accessories, aiming tests, clothing, ammunition testing...
  • For Beginners, Advanced Shooters and Champions. The standard work for coaching training. Includes a chapter on three-position air rifle shooting and a chapter on supported shooting. Numerous exercises, questionnaires, adjustment tables and training forms for practical use.

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