Anschutz 1710 22LR 20in. Threaded SS Barrel MDT Red Chassis

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Anschutz 1710 22LR 20in. Threaded SS Barrel MDT Red Chassis w/ 5119 Trigger

  • Caliber: .22lr
  • System: Match 54 bolt action repeater, 5119 two-stage trigger, blued receiver with stainless steel barrel.
  • Weight: 10 lbs, 10 oz.
  • Receiver: Scope mount attachment with 11mm rail and drilled and tapped
  • Barrel Length: 20" SS heavy barrel, no iron sight provision
  • Chamber: Optimized Match Chamber
  • Crown: Recessed Target Crown
  • Muzzle Diameter: 0.90"
  • Trigger: New 5119 Two Stage Trigger
  • Trigger Weight: Adjusted to 6.35 oz. (180g)
  • Trigger Weight Range: 4 to 7.5 oz. (110 to 215g)
  • Magazine Capacity: 10
  • Magazine Release: Extended
  • Case: Anschutz Mega case with logo is included

Note Items NOT Included:
Scope, scope mounts, tripod, bipod and accessories, sound suppressor or any other photographic props.

The ACC (Adjustable Core Competition) Chassis is designed around an integrated, modular weight system which allows you to customize the balance and mass of your rifle to maximize performance and minimize recoil.
The ACC comes with a Skeleton Rifle Stock with a steel butt pad plate, for added weight, and a dedicated space to add even more weight to the stock if required.
The ACC Chassis features a full Arca rail the entire length of the forend and M-LOK mounting points for accessories and additional forend weights - both internal and external - allowing you to add up to an additional 9 pounds of steel to your rifle.

Adjustable Core Competition chassis system is designed for the competition world: the ACC is primarily suited for the PRS & NRL shooting style, although it can be used in other disciplines. The ACC chassis system is the result of endless testing and collaborating with competition shooters, implementing the most crucial and results driven features, while ensuring accuracy and precision remain unparalleled.

The ACC (keyword A for Adjustable) was created with an integrated weight management system, allowing shooters to fine tune their chassis' weight and balance point. The adjustability comes from a series of weights that can be added to either the buttstock, interior forend or exterior forend m-lok. It's original weight of 4.5 lbs transforms into a maximum of 12.3 lbs (chassis only - add on your action, barrel, scope and accessories and most shooters are pushing 25-30 lbs in the ACC).
All of this modularity and adjustment can be achieved without taking your barreled action out of the chassis system: internal forend weights can be inserted from the front of the forend and screwed in place, while external weights were designed to be M-LOK compatible and easily attached on either side of the forend. This ACC weight management system allows shooters to rapidly adjust the feel and recoil characteristics of their system, even while at the range.
Along with other features like the full 17" ARCA/RRS forend, flared magazine well, extended barricade stop, widened thumb shelf, adjustable cheek riser and length of pull, and the adjustable MDT Vertical Grip Elite - the Adjustable Core Competition chassis is nothing short of excellence for the competition shooting world.

The ACC chassis is designed to accept an ESS compatible buttstock, with a few modifications to provide extra weight and solid lockup of adjustments, whilst still being tooless. The ACC Chassis System now includes The MDT Vertical Grip Elite, built for the competitive shooter.
The ACC chassis supports installation of M-Lok patterned accessories along the forend. The full length Arca/RRS standard dovetail allows shooters to mount a wide variety of accessories with infinite adjustment, which is now a standard among the competitive community.


  • CNC Machined from 6061 Aluminum
  • Chassis, buttstock and grip weight: 4.5lb - 13.5lb, depending on the rifle model and number of weights added to the system
  • Cerakote finish
  • 17" of available ARCA/RRS dovetail, with retention screw so that accessories don't fall off mid-stage
  • M-LOK pattern attachment system on all 3 faces of the forend
  • Accepts most AR-15 pistol grips, but includes with the MDT Vertical Grip Elite
  • Wider, ergonimic thumb shelves than previous chassis systems
  • Mag latch limiter to prevent over camming and pinching of magazines
  • Uses our proprietary ESS buttstock interface
  • Free floating barrel channel with removable end cap for interior weight installation and adjustment
  • Trigger adjustment slot of Anschutz single or two stage triggers
  • Length of Pull minimum 13.5" to maximum 15.0"
  • Will accomodate barrels up to 1.350" diameter

The ACC chassis system comes as an assembled chassis, buttstock, with all required mounting hardware included. This includes new action screws, thumb screws for tooless buttstock adjustment as well as set screws for optional, more permanent buttstock setups.

Interior forend weights, exterior M-LOK weights, and buttstock weights are sold separately.