Anschutz 1781 D Classic 30-06 Spring 5 Shot

$ 3,095.00

Anschutz 1781 D Classic 30-06 Spring 5 Shot

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Hunting repeater Series 1781:
ANSCHUTZ hunting rifles are known worldwide for their accuracy, precision design and unbeatable shooting performance. The perfect blend of gunsmithing craftsmanship and high-tech production. Made in Germany since 1856.

Over 155 years of experience with precision and reliability is combined with the most modern firearms technology to create the total performance package delivered by our hunting rifles. The ANSCHUTZ hunting repeater series 1780 will fulfil more than all your needs, it will fulfil all your desires in a first class hunting firearm. A practical hunting tool which you can totally rely on in the most challenging situations. To do this, our hunting rifles must go through the same stringent tests as our hard working biathlon sports rifles. Starting with controlled environment shooting tests in the cold-room at down to -25 degree C, over 50,000 firing and loading cycles exceed global hunting practical tests under the most varied of climatic conditions. Our hunting firearms have to be able to more than stand up to the harshest conditions our most avid sportsmen will encounter, around the world. No other firearms manufacturer can draw on such a great reservoir of experience from the field of sports firearms and particularly the rugged conditions of the biathlon field „Hunting on Skis" as can ANSCHUTZ. Experience the fascination of centerfire precision. Experience ANSCHÜTZ in big bore calibers.

Item No.: 013796
Technical Data
Item No.: 013796
Total length (cm) 109
Weight approx. (kg): 3.2
Name: 5781 D
Item No.: 012734
Type: Single stage trigger
Adjustment of the trigger shoe (mm): 15
min. Trigger weight (g): 700
max. Trigger weight (g): 1800
Trigger weight, adjusted (g): 1200
Barreled Action
Name: 1781
Barrel: ANSCHUTZ Precision barrel (rust protected)
Caliber: .30-06
Version: right
Rifling length (mm): 254
Number of discharges: 4
Muzzle diameter (mm): 17
Magazine capacity: 5
Barrel length (cm): 56
Length of barreled action (cm): 74.4
Name: Classic
Material: Walnut
min. Length of pull (cm): 35
max. Length of pull (cm): 36.5
Total length (cm) 81.5