Anschutz 1907 In Stock 1914 Walnut 22lr 25.9" Bbl

$ 4,095.00

Anschutz 1907 In Stock 1914 Walnut 22lr 25.9" Bbl

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Model 1907 in the new stock 1914 Walnut incl. fore-end raiser block and hand stop
Many target shooters prefer this rifle. Many top national and international results were achieved with it. Like all ANSCHUTZ models the 1907 has been permanently improved. The precise and individually adjustable match trigger and the extremely short locktime allow a precise shot release.

Barreled action:
The famous ANSCHUTZ match 54 action was integrated in the renowned small bore barreled action of the 1907 and this is the basis for an unsurpassed sport rifle which meets the high requirements of top class shooters. The locktime is extremely short.

Non-stained thumbhole stock adjustable in length with a very slim fore-end and adjustable hook butt plate, suitable for all hand sizes.
Flat fore-end raiser block 4856 adjustable in height (22-32 mm).
Adjustable butt plate and cheek piece adjustment.
Large knurled head screws at cheek piece and length adjustment offer high operating comfort without having to use any tools.
Stock extension can be positioned continuously with strong threaded columns and knurled nuts. The actuated, positive form and force-fit clamping on the columns guarantee utmost stability.

Delivered with:
Transport gun case MEGA, fore-end raiser block 4856, hand stop 6226, screw driver, Allan key, manual and original test target. 
Without sight set.

Item No.: 011905

Technical Data

  • Name: 1907 in stock 1914 Walnut
  • Item No.: 011905
  • Total length (cm): 111
  • Weight approximately (kg): 4.9


  • Name: 5018
  • Item No.: 001205
  • Model number: 5018
  • Type: Two stage trigger
  • Adjustment of the trigger shoe (mm): 23.5
  • min. Trigger weight (g): 60
  • max. Trigger weight (g): 490
  • Cant of the trigger shoe: 11
  • Trigger weight, adjusted (g): 125

Barreled Action

  • Name: 1907-U6
  • Item No.: 201.0990
  • Identifier: 000131
  • Barrel: ANSCH?TZ Precision barrel
  • Caliber: .22 l.r.
  • Version: right
  • Rifling (cm): 66
  • Rifling length (mm): 420
  • Number of discharges: 8
  • Barrel length (cm): 66
  • Length of aiming (cm): 78-82
  • Length of barreled action (cm): 82
  • Total length (cm): 82
  • Weight approximately (kg): 2.5


  • Name: 1914
  • Item No.: 011908
  • Material: Walnut
  • Color: natural
  • Butt plate: Aluminum-butt plate 2213-8700
  • min. Length of pull (cm): 31
  • max. Length of pull (cm): 37
  • Total length (cm): 65

Does not include sights.

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