DISC Anschutz Black Air Hunter 8002

$ 2,350.00

The new ANSCHÜTZ 8002 S2 Black Air Hunter is specially designed for the varmint hunters and target shooters who are looking for a quiet, accurate, urban-friendly, and versatile air rifle.  Based on the 8002 S2 match rifle, the Black Air Hunter features some unique upgrades which are not offered from the factory in Germany.

The Black Air Hunter offers the precision of a match air rifle incorporated into a quiet, versatile, and unique hunting and sporting rifle.

We chose to start with the lower power of a .177" caliber pellet at 580 fps to make it perfect on small pests as well as an ultra-precise training and target rifle in an urban environment. 

The rifle is much safer to shoot in urban settings when compared to high-power systems due to a limited range of the pellet and low down-range impact energy.

With high-power air rifles, we found that the excessive velocity and power resulted in a much louder muzzle report as well as much more pronounced pellet impact on the target.  Even with a moderator, high-power air rifles tend to attract much more attention in urban environments than the lower power PCP rifles.  The Black Air Hunter is a perfectly suited rifle for those in urban settings.

The unique moderator is made to control the sharp crack associated with Pre-charged pneumatics and also collects any lead dust created during shooting, thus making it safe to shoot indoors. 

Built with the intention of using a scope, the tremendous precision of the rifle challenges the shooter's skill in many different aspects, allowing for realistic training and skill development when shooting outside in varying conditions and distances.

ANSCHÜTZ 8002 S2 Black Air Hunter

Caliber: .177"

Energy: 7 joules

Action: Single Shot - Pre Charged Pneumatic

Note: Scope and rings not included

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