Anschutz Velocimeter Chronograph

$95.95 $ 69.00

Anschutz Velocimeter Chronograph

The struggle of testing pellets is a thing of the past! The Anschutz Velocimeter 547 is the new way to test. For those how are looking to gain every little advantage over their competition, pellet testing and pellet velocity is the next step. The AHG Velocimeter simply attaches to the muzzle of your air rifle. Just turn it on and you're ready to begin testing. It's that simple. No more setting up metal poles and sun shades to shoot through. Used by several collegiate rifle and pistol programs around the nation, coaches and parents can now fine tune a shooter'ss rifle and pellets for optimal performance. The AHG Velocimeter displays standard and metric units for quick analysis.

AHG-VELOCIMETER - For air rifles and pistols. - Ideal for coaches to measure the speed of the air rifle.

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