Benjamin Traveler Portable Compressor

$674.95 $ 648.00

Benjamin Traveler Portable Compressor

You can now take your air compressor to the field! The Benjamin Traveler Portable Compressor will fill air tanks up to 4500psi. The traveler had an air adaptor for the PCP. The compressor has the ability to connect to a 12v car battery for its power source when you're away from an outlet. It comes with a 110v converter to plug into a household outlet for convenience.


  • Completely mobile compressor
  • Interline filter to prevent dirt and moisture from getting into the reservoir
  • Has the ability to plug into a 110v household outlet or a 12v car battery
  • Fills PCP style rifles up to 4500psi with a quick disconnect hose
  • Built-in safety features include an automatic shut-off to prevent battery drain or overheating

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