Bore Tech Qwik Dri Dry Lubricant

$ 9.95

Bore Tech Qwik-Dri is a cutting-edge dry film lubricant packed full of high performance, submicron PTFE and bonding additives. The rapidly evaporating carrier leaves behind a mess free, durable long lasting dry film that is ideal for extremely dusty or cold environments. For unsurpassed lubrication and unequaled performance in a dry film lubricant, choose Bore Tech Qwik-Dri.

Bore Tech Qwik-Dri is a cutting-edge dry film lubricant composed of submicron PTFE particles in a quickly evaporating carrier. Tef-Dri is able to penetrate deep into metal pores and bond with the surface, leaving a tough, long lasting, dry film lubricant behind. This extremely slick coating is unsurpassed in performance.


-100F to 600F Operating Range Repels Dust, Dirt & Debris
Decreases Friction & Wear By 95% Non-Oily, Mess Free Dry Lubricant


Qwik-Dri's unique formulation is ideal for extreme temperature ranges as it will not freeze or burn off and will not attract dust or debris. The mess free formula is perfect for use on holstered pistol slides and triggers as the fast drying lubricant prevents an oily mess, stained clothing and repels dust and lint. Qwik-Dri can be applied to rifle bolts, magazines, pistol slides, trigger assemblies and any other areas demanding a mess free high performance lubricant. Customers even use Qwik-Dri on fishing reals and squeaky door hinges!

Don't get stuck in a messy situation, use Bore Tech Qwik-Dri.

Bore Tech - Redefining Gun Care
Proudly made in the USA

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