Face Mask

$ 8.00

These are made to order and will ship in a few days.

After several calls and emails asking if Creedmoor was going to carry quality USA made masks, we've decided to move forward. These non-medical grade masks are for your trips to the grocery store, range or other essential ventures out. Hand made from durable microfiber, we use two-ply to meet most county regulations for social distancing mask regulations. The ear straps are made of spandex for maximum comfort.

These masks are not medical grade and therefore cannot be used in hospitals or by most first responders. We have read many comments on other sites about "why don't you just donate them", etc. Beyond the fact most companies can't afford to just donate product, these are not suitable for medical donation. Creedmoor has instead set out to design a strap extender to alleviate ear pain from constant use by medical personnel and first responders. We will use proceeds from the sale of these masks to donate as many extenders as possible to local and regional hospitals.

If you would like information on having masks printed with your club logo or any other graphic, please email us at shoot@creedmoorsports.com for quantities and pricing.

General information

We are happy to provide you, our customers, with cloth masks in this challenging and difficult time of COVID-19.

These masks are NOT medically standardized products, but are a tool for protecting yourself and others in common day to day situations. Creedmoor Sports is NOT liable for any damage or infection when using or processing our textiles.

Above all these cloth masks are to add an extra layer of protection older citizens, those with pre-existing conditions, people in need of care, nursing service professionals and care takers. This face mask can reduce the risk of transmission of the corona virus as it restricts the distribution of droplets from speaking, coughing or sneezing.

Important information

The masks must be worn close-fitting. If it starts to collect moisture when wearing the virus barrier is broken much faster than when the mask is dry.

There is no evidence that wearing a mask reduces the risk of infection for healthy people. However it can curb the spread of viruses because many people do not know whether they already carry the virus and as mentioned above, these masks will help stop the spread of droplets from speaking, coughing or sneezing.

Washing hands and keeping a 6' distance are still the most important measures to avoid infection or spreading the infection further.

The masks should be changed regularly as they start to collect moisture from wearing and breathing after 20 to 30 minutes. This may require several masks if you are expecting to be wearing them for any longer period of time.

If you want to use the mask again after use, it must be washed at least 140 degrees F (60 degrees C).

These masks are only reusable after a thorough washing and drying.

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