Creedmoor Sports 1" Complete Bench Mount

$ 219.95

Creedmoor 1" Complete Bench Mount

Keep your scope near you without anything else getting in the way. Tripods are always getting bumped around on the bench or they're too far away if you have them set up on the ground beside the bench. This mount clamps to the bench and allows the scope to be suspended near your face, with nothing below it to get bumped. If your buddy wants to take a look through the scope, spin the horizontal boom piece away from the bench. It adjusts up and down and left and right. Set up the scope head in any configuration that works best for you.


  • 1" aluminum rods for the vertical and horizontal placement (18" in length)
  • Blue anodized adjustable scope head
  • Microadjustment clamping stopper
  • Anti-pivot pins to keep the mount from twisting on the edge of the bench
  • Durable anti-slip rubber on the clamp
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