Creedmoor Sports AR-15 Bolt Vise

$ 37.95

Creedmoor AR Bolt Vise

Our bolt vise helps you disassemble your AR-15 bolt without fuss. The screw assembly face fits perfectly into the bolt face to compress the ejector so you can remove the spring pin easily. A perfectly aligned hole in the vise allows the pin to drop free. How many times have you had the pin go flying? Once the pin is removed, you slowly back off the screw assembly and remove the ejector and spring for cleaning, maintenance, or checking headspace. When doing this kind of work you should always try to replace the ejector spring pin when reassembling. It is good practice to keep your bolt functioning properly.

Now to the fun stuff. We designed this tool to not only function but to also help show off on your reloading bench. Made from aluminum with a stainless steel screw for the bolt face, the premium finish screw and natural aluminum body make it a great addition to any work bench.

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